PRESTO developed many tape recorders and players, and was about a year behind the development of similar models comparable to AMPEX.
Since product research and development stoped about the time of the sale of the company, only a few stereo models were made.  Their various tape recorders were of exceptional value.  Many special models were manufactured for MUZAK,  the government and military forces.

The PT900 was introduced in 1950.  The RC-7            RC 10/14. Released in late 1950, this deck
deck, shown above, was first made in 1949, and          accomodated 10" reels.  Either the 900A-2
as I remember having one demonstrated at that             amp or the A 920 amp could be used.  The
time, the companion amplifier was the same size            900A-2 had a 3 channel mixer, the A 920
and shape of the deck, with the little round db               was single input, with playback speakers.
meter. $795.00.                                                            Priced at $684.00 in 1950.

The 900A-2 amp, shown with the PT900 was priced at $403.00. The A 920 amplifier is shown with
with model PT920 below.

The RC-10/24 rack mount recorder, also                  PRESTO'S finest at the time, the SR-950 studio
released in late 1950. 900-A2 amplifier.                    recorder.  This was similar to the early AMPEX
Priced at $761.00 in 1950, the amp $403.00             model 300. My 1950 price list shows this model

This was a special tape player that would operate placed on a transcription turntable, which was
then used by radio stations for tape playback.  This was developed early 1951. Priced at $140.00

PT 920 tape recorder, RC-7 deck, and A-920       The SR11 studio recorder. Similar to AMPEX 350-351
amplifier.  The amp had 2 speakers for playback.    series recorder.  Came out in early 1954, and was
Complete was about $588.00                                 priced at $995.00.

The smaller professional portable model                The R-11, a newer model of the SR-11, with
XR-21, released in Oct of 1954, and was              some improvements.  Price in 1956 at $1250.00
to sell for less than $500.00.                                  Was available arount Oct, 1955.

PRESTO made many special tape recorders.  The unit to the left was made expressly for MUSAK, for their "elevator" music playback systems.  The unit to the right is a Military spec tape recorder made especially for the armed forces.  Although the manual is dated 1957, supplements dated 1973 included with the manual leaves a little confusion as to when this model was actually made.  It must have been closer to 1957 than 1973.  It had never been placed in service, is cosmetically and electronically as a new machine.  It has 3 speeds, is 1/2 track mono., and solonoid operated. It has heavy duty components, built to military specs.  PRESTO also made special small tape players for airlines, passenger boats, and the Railroad.

The Model 825 Presto stereo tape recorder.  This was the 800 series, available in Mono, 2, 3, and 4 track stereo configurations.  1/2 and/or 1/4 tape.
This was introduced in 1957, and was priced at $3150 for the console model.  It had individual head tape lifters, and seperate power supplies for the
record/bias circuits.





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